Compliance with Conflict of Interest Policy

Per the Conflict of Interest Policy…

Senior executives and employees shall avoid any conflict of interest with the Company. Particularly, each of them must abide by the following:

  1. 1- Shall not participate directly or indirectly nor have any direct or indirect interest in the works or contracts undertaken with the Company or any of its subsidiaries
  2. 2- Shall not have any direct or indirect interest in any work that may constitute competition to the Company, practice business in any field of activity that is undertaken by the Company nor have any activity whatsoever in such work
  3. 3- Shall not, directly or indirectly, ask for, receive, get nor consent; for himself or for others; any gift, cash commission, grant in-kind or service or the like with the purpose of realizing a gain or shoving off a harm, from those who have a relationship with the Company, being suppliers, customers or competitors – whether or not such practice is harmful to the interests of the Company. Promotional gifts the value of which is not more than SR.500 (SR 100 in case of non-executive employees) may be exempted. If the value of the gift is more than this limit and it is difficult to reject it for reasons that may harm the Company's interests, the gift may be accepted provided that he/she notifies the Financial Department to record the gift in the Company's assets after getting approval of the Chief Executive Officer (or the Line Manager in the case of non-executive employees)
  4. 4- Shall not use any of the various Company's assets and resources for achieving a personal interest for himself or for others
  5. 5- Shall not lend or borrow money from the Company's customers, representatives or those who have interest in its activity
  6. 6- Shall not perform (with or without charge) any activity in favor of any corporations or organizations that are suppliers, customers, competitors or supervisory to/ over the Company