Whistleblowing Form

Per the Whistleblowing Policy…

Every employee shall report any evidence of activity (“Reportable Activity”) by any officer, director, employee and retained consultant, including external auditors, of the Company that to his or her knowledge constitutes:

  1. 1- Accounting, auditing or other financial reporting fraud or misrepresentation
  2. 2- Violation of law that could result in fines
  3. 3- Damages payable by the Company, or that could otherwise significantly harm the Company’s reputation or public image
  4. 4- Unethical business conduct in violation of any Company policy
  5. 5- Danger to the health, safety or wellbeing of employees and/or the general public

The reporting of any incident through whistleblowing should be factual rather than speculative. Whistleblowers must provide as much detailed information as possible in order to support an effective investigation by the relevant teams. The Company reserves the right to drop an investigation if in its reasonable discretion, it is determined that insufficient or uncorroborated evidence was submitted. An Employee reserves the right to either submit a claim as “anonymous” or provide their contact details. The Company will not tolerate retaliation or discrimination of any kind against any employee making a good faith complaint or assisting in the investigation of a complaint.